About Real Indian Hair

We are pioneers in human hair extension wholesale business in Chennai.

Welcome to Real Indian Hair, your go-to destination to procure realistic Remy Hair extensions of superior quality. As the name suggests, we are into producing human hair extensions from scratch. Flipping the pages of our history, we embarked on the business back in the year 2000. We have collaborated and got tied up with various south Indian temples for the procurement of raw human hair. The procurement thus done is of the frequency once or twice in a month. And this is where our expedition to crafting the ‘perfect’ first-grade hair extensions begin!

Natural & Realistic

Real Hair Extensions works with the sole focus of deriving natural and realistic end product, period. Yes, and that is why we never allow the use of chemicals or artificial agents at any point in the process of hair extension manufacturing. This is indeed our open secret to our exclusive quality and uniqueness that receives much appreciation and demand.

Aesthetic look with cuticles held intact

Our products are often touted for their virgin, aesthetic look with cuticles held intact, gleaming finish and soft texture. And we purely attribute the excellence of our produces to the meticulous course of production processes that involves the blend of both conservative and contemporary methods.

A large portion of our manufacturing process involves manual handling in terms of grouping, hair treatment to remove wits or lice, sun-drying, etc. Throughout the process, we eye on reassuring the hair remains Remy so that the end produces are on par with the real hair in terms of quality and texture.

Vision Statement

Run the extra mile and deliver our stupendous products to many more numbers of global nations, and leave them in awe of our quality.

Mission Statement

We envision to expand our product procurement to temples across India, and work with creative fashion enthusiasts to derive trendier designs and quirky hair extensions that are futuristic.

Countries we export to

Countries that are already appreciating our produces as of 2020 are UK, Germany, France, US, Nigeria, Uganda, Sweden, Western European Countries, Middle East Nations, to name a few.

P.S. Raw Hair Procurement is a posh business that needs ‘big-fat’ money to win the bidding on human hair auction bid. And Real Indian Hair is indeed avid about making huge investments and prove our quality and painstaking toils to produce top-notch human hair extension produces.

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