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Real Indian Hair is a Chennai-based wholesaler, manufacturer and distributor of human hair extensions. We procure Remy Raw hair from south Indian temples at wholesale rates, and subject it to manual processing system to produce human hair extensions. This processing allows human hair in its natural form as it completely eliminates the use of any chemicals or artificial agents at any point. This in turn allows natural texture and sizing of hair along with its cuticles held intact.


As far as the processing of virgin Remy hair is concerned, we follow the combination of traditional methods and contemporary ones. In the former, the processing is done manually. As we procure raw hair from temples, they are grouped together without any time delay. The hair is then brought to our factory where it is split and processed. This involves sun-drying the procured hair without applying external heat. The hair is then treated manually to weed out wits or lice.

On the other hand, to assure continued product supply, we also incorporate Kanban methodology that involves stock management and efficacious resource management to assure prompt delivery.

Real Human Hair takes utmost care in assuring that the hair remains Remy throughout the course of processing. This is ensured by tying the hair bundles at the head and retaining it in this stage until wefting.

Real Indian Hair

How We Works

Raw Virgin Hair – as the name indicates, we are wholesale vendors in raw virgin human hair. The hair is produced from Indian temples. We handpick virgin temple hair cut off women. The virgin hair is durable and carries its natural texture and elasticity. If maintained well, the hair can last up to 3 years or even beyond

Pure Temple Hair – unlike Chinese counterparts, we produce pure temple hair with its natural, non-uniform thickness retained. The pure temple hairs are hair in its all-natural form without manual or machine processing

Raw virgin hair – thick and voluminous human hair from head to tail of top-notch quality

Cuticles held intact – the hairs come with its natural cuticles held intact with unidirectional hair flow

Natural products – we manually the hair without use of any chemicals, and hence assure 100% natural products

Natural Texture - our products look and feel indeed natural for they retain the natural texture in terms of curls and length

Sturdy Wefts – we import shipshape cotton threads for producing sturdy wefts that are highly durable and easy to maintain

Ease of use - Offer utmost ease of use with excellent gripping as the extensions come along with high tensile clips.

Install in minutes - Tweak your hair volume by instantly installing the hair extensions

For the excellence in quality we produce, our products are highly in demand across global nations including UK, Germany, France, US, Nigeria, Uganda, Sweden, Western European Countries, Middle East Nations, among others.

Raw Indian Hair has direct tie-up with South Indian temples. We procure raw human hair tonsured at these temples for every two times a week. It is a fact that to wind the Human Hair Auction bid, you ought to be well off and shell out huge amounts of close to half a million US Dollars. The business that goes behind auctioning human hair is indeed serious and involves painstaking efforts to produce first-rate hair extensions.

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Quality Assurance

Reassuring Remy Hair

Our employees collect the products in raw form and perform the preliminary post-tonsure processing that involves tying heads and securing them. This stage is highly imperative as it ensures that the hairs don’t mix up, thus reassuring Remy hair.

The hair bundles thus gathered are from a single donor so that the originality and natural look of hair gets retained and the final product gives realistic appearance.

Chemical-free processing

It’s contemporary, quick and convenient to process human hair through chemicals for removal of lice and nits. However, Real Indian Hair strives to give you the final products of superior quality which is achieved only through natural processing. The use of chemicals on hair devastates its texture and natural elasticity and cause damage to its cuticles.

Contrarily,through natural processing means, the shine and natural gleaming hair texture are retained. We abide by these organic methods in spite of the long time duration it takes to process each and every hair strand of approximately 10 days per 10 kilo of hair.

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